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The mystery continues tonight regarding how two people died inside a Clinton apartment.

It’s been about a day and a-half since the bodies of a man and woman were found at the Clinton Chateau apartment complex.

Although investigators say public safety doesn’t seem to be a concern, they won’t say why.

The Clinton Chateau is home to elderly and disabled, low income folks, but some neighbors say they see a wide variety of age ranges at the apartment complex that is typically pretty peaceful.

“First we noticed there were a bunch of people. There were about 30-40 people just like standing around this entire area,” Caitlin Ashby said.

Caitlin Ashby describes the scene she saw just across the street Thursday afternoon.

“We weren’t sure exactly what we going on, we just knew something was up.”

Indiana State Police discovered the bodies of two adults, a man and a woman.

Tthe Clinton Chateau apartment officials ask that we stay off of their property, so we took a stroll through the neighborhood knocking on doors.

Those who did not want to comment on camera say they saw multiple police vehicles in this area and a lot of commotion going on through the majority of the day.

Which according to Ashby is out of the ordinary.

“It brings a lot of safety concerns up because I have like little children and my brothers and everything. It opened our eyes a little bit to wonder kind of what actually went on or what is going on in this part of town… Since it’s busy, there’s always people, always cars driving, but also, it can be perfectly quiet,” Ashby said.

And it’s not just safety that has Ashby concerned.

“Want to make sure that everything gets handled well and the families get the care and love they need to get through this.”

I talked to one resident of the complex off camera who told me the incident did not cause safety alarm for her and that she did not know the two victims.

Autopsies took place today at Regional Hospital in Terre Haute. Indiana State Police have not released the results yet.


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