A Lucky Pigeon Named Fred


Thursday, Lynn Hughes spotted a pigeon on U.S. 41 near Ft. Harrison.

She stopped to help, because it seemed unable to fly.

Then, with the help of some other drivers, she was able to get the bird off the road.

Eventually, she noticed the bird had a band on its leg.

After doing some research, she found out the bird is a racing pigeon, from a club in St. Louis.

“I’m an animal lover so if I see an animal in need I feel like often times I don’t how the universe works but I feel like a lot of times these creatures are placed in my path,” Lynn Hughes said.

The owner of the bird is on vacation, but through social media she is receiving help from a local club.

Right now, the bird is recovering from dehydration.

She says once a racing pigeon recovers, it will often fly back to it’s home.

In the meantime, the bird is safe at Lynn’s home, and her husband even gave it a name.

The lucky pigeon is now known as “Fred.”

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