WABASH VALLEY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Veterans Day can be celebrated in many different ways.

For some, they get to look back and remember the ones that are no longer with us. The veterans monument in Vincennes is where Jake Smith chose to do that.

His grandfather fought in the Vietnam War, and he says any and all veterans deserve all the thanks in the world.

“If we didn’t have them, if we didn’t have the men in color, we wouldn’t even be standing here right now living a free life. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that people have laid down their lives and there are people still laying down their lives just to help protect us,” said Smith.

Others chose to take part in a celebration that dates back to the origins of the holiday.

The Jackson Township Community band has performed at the Brazil courthouse every year since 1918. Matthew Huber is their director, and he said it is an honor to be able to do this every year.

“It’s very sentimental for us to be here to honor our parents, grandparents, and all the others who have served, not only way back then but today, with our armed forces of the United States,” said Huber.

The woodwinds, all the way up to the tubas, come together to honor the veterans in a way only music can.

“This is an important day that is very sentimental to all of us to get to play all of this wonderful, American, patriotic music in honor of all of the veterans of this area,” added Huber.

We here at WTWO would like to thank all the ones who are serving, and have served, in any of the armed forces. Your sacrifices are very much appreciated.