The streets of Washington, Indiana are quiet

But  Friday and Saturday nights in October the monster’s come out to play.

“Welcome to the Haunted High II: Terror On Main Street,” VeJay Burris said.  

One of those creatures is Washington Catholic senior VeJay Burris. 

“I was raised on horror and Halloween,” Burris said. “It’s always been a very big holiday at our house. And I’ve always found joy in scaring people.” 
For the past five years, Burris has been helping raise money for the Washington Catholic High School by suiting up and frightening guests . 
Something Burris has always enjoyed doing.

“Well Washington is a very small town, so we don’t have a whole lot to do,” Burris said. “So during this time of enjoy coming down. This is the highlight of my year, definitely.” 

So how did a school of 130 create such a supernatural fundraiser? 

It all came from the love of Halloween and the generosity of the community.

And the 20 plus room house of horrors has intrigued visitors from near and far. 
“It’s a wonderful feeling to knowing that people drive here just to see what we’ve created,” Teresa Joyce said.      

Teresa Joyce has run the fundraiser since the birth of the haunted house 12 years ago. And yes, she’s sitting on a real casket. She says it wouldn’t be possible without the support of the community.

“We’ve done this for 12 years,” Joyce said. “It’s not something that’s going to go away. We are here to stay.”

There’s a lights-on tour starting at six, that’s three dollars a person. 

The lights go off in the haunted house starting at seven  and ticket prices increase to ten bucks.  

If you attend the haunted house tonight and are looking for a little more fright,  you can show your ticket at the Washington movie theater for a few dollars off of their showing of Friday the 13th.