A Growing Trash Problem


There are many efforts to keep the city of Terre Haute clean. But it’s a daily task and job for everyone.  

No one should be excluded from doing their part, or it could grow into a much bigger issue.

The east side of Terre Haute is rich with business. Juan Popoca is an employee of Remember When Pizzeria. He says behind the strip mall, some businesses don’t properly throw their trash in the dumpsters.

“People will be leaving their trash beside the dumpster without throwing them away.”

Which is technically littering. What might start out as an innocent act, escalates into a community-wide issue.

“Trash is getting everywhere with or without the wind. You got animals that come in, if they leave their bags there, animals are going to tear into things and scurry it all over the place.”

Jane Santucci is the director of Keep Terre Haute Beautiful.

“I keep my yard clean, you probably keep your yard clean. It’s just a matter of, you have to clean your yard.”

The eforts with the group are volunteer based and they don’t typically go on business property.

Santucci says there needs to be more pride in the community.

“I know we can do better.”

After talking with city code enforcement, WTWO News has learned that action is mostly complaint driven.

Once a complaint is filed, the city will give the property owner 10 days to clean the mess, and if it’s still an issue, it can lead to a court citation.

Popoca says that his business received a notice from the property owner asking everyone to keep the dumpsters more tidy.

“I think it’s the responsibility of everybody, like you’re a business, you need to take care of your trash and make sure it goes in the trash can, that’s where it needs to go.”

Something that the Remember When Pizzeria tells me is that he wished trash pickup was more frequent.

He says the dumpsters behind the strip are full within three days.

Keep Terre Haute Beautiful has two big clean up dates throughout the year, with the next one being the first Saturday in May.

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