A Cordial Campaign


Driving through Clark County, Illinois it’s hard to miss the signs, that the primary election is only days away.

But the race on many voters minds isn’t the contest for governor, but one closer to home.     

Did you guys know you were going to be running at the same time? 

“Probably not at the same time but pretty close we figured it out,” Bill Brown said. 

Derrick Sanders and Bill Brown are both running for Clark County Sheriff. 

The men started their law enforcement careers together and when they both decided to pursue the sheriff’s job, they vowed to run a clean campaign.

“We are both very passionate about our campaign there’s just no need for mud slinging and that kind of stuff,” Derrick Sanders said.  

You heard him right.

Both Sanders and Brown have kept their 14 month campaigns solely about what they can do in the job rather than pointing out the flaws of their opponent. 

Something unheard of in today’s political climate. 

And it’s created a bit of a dilemma for the community. 

“They know both of us,” Brown said. “And many people told us both, you know you guys have put us in a situation where we don’t know who to vote for because we think both of you would be great sheriff’s.” 

“How many other political races have you heard the general community in the most say, I like them both,” Sanders said. “That is very very rare.” 

During their campaigns Brown and Sanders have continued to work together for the Clark County Sheriff’s Department. 

Even riding in the same patrol car. 

“They are in awe,” Sanders said. “They are like why are you riding together, why are you here together?”  

 “Well we want to be,” Brown said.  

“Yeah,” Derrick Sanders said. 

“We are still a team,” Brown said. 

They say at the end of the day people want to hear what makes them a good candidate. 

And when the polls close and a winner declared they will still be friends.   

No matter what happens next Tuesday the men say they will support the other one during his term. 

Because a community that comes together and supports one another is stronger than one that tears itself apart. 

If the Democrats want to place a name on the November general election ballot for sheriff they have until June 4th to do so.

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