A Bump in the Road


On any given day this is what you’ll find on East Springhill Drive, traffic backed up, while drivers try and turn in the opposite direction. 

“There’s a lot of traffic down there,” Larry Robbins said. “We’ve had some new development down in that area that really kind of hinders the traffic flow in that area so we are hoping this project will help with that.” 

That project, a 8 hundred 40 thousand dollar renovation that would widened East Springhill Drive from US 41 to South 7th Street. 

It’s part of a two phase project to help with congestion. 

The plans include taking out land on the south side of the street and turning the current two lane road into three. 

Now, as July draws to a close, there’s still no sign of improvement. 

“I apologize for the delay,” Robbins said. “You know we are doing the best we can to get everything worked out and get it done as fast as we can but you know with any major project like this there are definitely some hurdles we have to over come.”

Larry Robbins took over as county engineer back in April. 

Since then Robbins and county officials have worked to move the project along. 

“I can definitely feel their pain as far as this has taken a while to get done,” Robbins said. “Currently right now we are still facing a couple land acquisition hurdles that we are trying to work through.” 

Now officials just have to wait for the buying process to go through.

But until that happens, construction will have to wait, and motorists will continue to wait in traffic.

“I’m hopefully that in the next 30 to 45 days those will be completed and we will be moving on to the construction phase,” Robbins said.  

Even though phase one is not complete, this hasn’t slowed the second phase of the project. 

That phase will widen Springhill from 7th street to Erie Canal Road. 

Officials say they have a design and they hope the land acquisition phase will happen by the end of the year.

When construction starts, officials estimate that the project will take anywhere from 120 days to 180 days.

If all goes according to plan the road will be by finished November of this year. 

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