A Boutique too Cool for School

The halls are empty at Paris High School, but one classroom has been busy all summer. 
The Tiger Trends Boutique opened last October, to help students who need clothes. Not just for school, but job interviews, internships and more.  And, it’s all free.
This year the boutique has expanded, from a closet, to a classroom.
“We were literally busting at the seams,” Staci Garzolini-Skelton said. 
 School councilor and founder of the boutique, Staci Garzolini-Skelton, is happy the students are happy. 
“And you know a lot of times you would think a kid wouldn’t want to you know be discrete, which is what we aim for but you’d be shocked at the number of kids that will shout out, look what I got at the boutique,” Staci Garzolini-Skelton said. “This was brand new, I took the tags off this.”
But the boutique is not just helping students in need. Starting this school year, students will be able to volunteer at the boutique for class credit and learn hands on skills. 
“They will learn to spot remove,” Staci Garzolini-Skelton said. “They will learn to launder, fold the clothes properly and organize them into our spaces. So we are going to use this in all facets in our school.”
For senior Savannah Mays, it’s not a surprise that Skelton stepped up to help out. 
“The Paris teachers they like to help the students really strive, not just get through school,” Savannah Mays said. “And so it’s not a surprise that this is just another Mrs. Skelton is doing to help students.”
Mays, has been helping all summer, organizing and sorting donations. Even volunteering during freshman orientation.
“A lot of the kids are very thankful, and I like that,” Savannah Mays said. “You wouldn’t expect that with high school kids.” 
If there was one lesson Skelton hopes students learn from this boutique, it would be… 
“I just want my kids to know to be kind to one another,” Staci Garolini-Skelton said. “And I think this is what they are teaching. I think the people that donate are being kind. To my students who take something from the boutique to remember somebody was kind to them.” 
If you would like to donate to the Tiger Boutique, you can leave all gently used or new clothes at Paris High School. 

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