$850,000 7th Street Project Begins


An $850,000 construction project begins Monday.

While it’s not the only project in town, it is shaping up to hopefully be one of the shortest.

It’s a common sight to see, these construction barricades blocking us from our destination.

This one; however, won’t take too much time, but that’s if everything goes according to plan.

Just underneath the asphalt on 7th Street, stretching from Washington to Poplar, lies a history.

“This is one of the sections where the old inner urban rail system ran years ago,” says Brad Utz, director of inspection for the City of Terre Haute. 

They say time heals all wounds except when those wounds are made of wood.

When they removed it, the railroad ties are still down there and they’re starting to rot away and that’s what’s causing the roughness of the pavement,” says Utz.

For Lou Ann Pilkington, a Terre Haute resident, after the day she’s had this construction is just one last thing she doesn’t want to worry about.

“And now I gotta fight to try to get back to the other side of north Terre Haute,” says Pilkington. “To get home…that’s it.”

She says she often walks on the roads, even though she is disabled because she says, often times, it’s safer than her other option.

“I’m on a mobile device, but I can’t even ride on a mobile device in safety and on the sidewalk,” says Pilkington. “Half of these newer streets, they’ve got it so steep where it almost flips our chairs backwards on us.”

If everything goes to plan, this $850,000 project should be completed before we gear up for Halloween.

“it’s a short project, I mean, we’re only looking at a 60-day job,” says Utz. “It’ll be done before the rainy season hits.”

You may see staggered construction barricades but that does not mean the street is open.

It’s that way for construction crews only.

So please follow the 8th Street and 9th Street detours.

The city has received matching dollars for the $850,000 project.

Officials say there is a lot of material to dig up and haul off so please use caution in the area

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