641 Speeds


The temptation to speed is proving too much for some drivers on State Road 641. They’re hitting high speeds, putting themselves and others in danger as well as risking a hefty fine.

The wide, open road. Usually a spot where drivers test out their horse power.

“Up here on 641, it’s nothing for our troopers to occasionally get someone in the high 80s, low 90s,” Sgt. Joe Watts said.

State Road 641 is still fairly new to drivers, you may find the road a bit secluded especially with the Mcdaniel road exit still partially closed.

“Hey, it’s an open road it’s new pavement, but again, the speed limit’s 55.”   

And the speed limit sign is strategically placed after the ramps, where drivers have no chance of missing it.

“There’s no way to merge onto that roadway without going passed a speed limit sign,” Debbie Calder with INDOT said.   

Calder says it’s typical to place a sign after the ramp and not see another sign until the  next interchange.

“On whatever roadway you’re entering, make sure you look at the beginning, cause at the beginning or within the quarter mile you’re going to see that speed limit sign,” Sgt. Watts said.
Sgt. Watts says state troopers patrol 641 about as frequently as US 41 and I-70.

Speeders aren’t a daily occurrence, it’s just a few at higher speeds, which he says is the lure of the open road.
“That’s the duty of the driver of any vehicle to know the speed zone that you’re in. It’s not someone else’s responsibility, it’s you the driver and the signs are here to remind you of that.”

There are speed limit reductions along the ramps. It’s 40 miles per hour. Roundabouts are 20. And along 641 north, throughout the one-lane construction zones the speed limit is 45-miles per hour.


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