4th Grade Boys Save Kindergartner’s Life


Two young boys are being called heroes after they saved another student’s life in the cafeteria.
It was just a normal day at Ernie Pyle Elementary school in Clinton until Lane Griffin and Zac Barnes noticed a kindergarten boy choking on cereal.

“I heard him cough like two times and his face was really red and he had his hands by his neck so I just assumed that he was choking,” says 10-year-old Zac Barnes.

That’s when the boys jumped up, ran over, and began performing life saving techniques.

“Cup your hands like this, you hit them right between the shoulder blades where the lungs are and it helps it go up,” says 11-year-old Lane Griffin.

The kindergartner ended up being okay.
But I asked the boys how did they know what to do?
Lane says his step mom is a firefighter and he has gone with her to CPR training, “they were doing stuff like that on a mannequin and I learned out how to do it from that.”
“I have seen it a lot on TV and videos on YouTube and stuff of that nature,” says Zac.

The boys said they didn’t think they would ever have to use those skills on someone. But when the time came they didn’t think twice, which is why they are so surprised to be getting so much praise.

Lane says, “we asked the lady why we were receiving so much attention”
“We were just doing our job. We were just helping somebody in the need of help,” added Zac.

“I was just very proud of them for seeing the situation and knowing what to do and actually getting up and doing what they needed to do when it needed to be done,” says the boy’s teacher, Christy Daniels.

These two seem wise beyond their years. They didn’t do it in hopes of a reward or getting on T.V. but because it was just the right thing to do.

“No matter how old, no matter how big or small you are, you can help make a difference,” says Zac.
Though the boys weren’t expecting any kind of medal or gift for their actions, they did say they got a snickers bar after it was all said and done and they told me it was a nice surprise.

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