2,440 Shoes Later

The saying goes, “you never really know a person until you walk a mile in their shoes,” but a local teen is making it possible for others to walk in their own shoes.
2,440 of them to be exact. 
“Usually I just throw them in my room and forget about them a week later,” says Jordyn Derouin at just 13 years old. “So I decided to collect shoes and we’ve done pretty well. We filled a trailer full.” 
For Jodryn, what started as a dream at the beginning of the year, finally came to light when she received her first pair of shoes for her birthday on August 20th all benefiting the charity, Soles 4 Souls. 
“My grandma gave me shoes for my birthday and then I think my brother gave me shoes,” says Jordyn. 
For her mother, Michaele, it’s quite an honor to see her only daughter aspire to make a difference in the world.
“It makes me proud, I mean, to see her want to do something at this young age,” says Michaela. “We started out getting, I think there were five local businesses, to let us put boxes in their businesses.” 
“And we wrapped them in wrapping paper with like different colors and polka dots,” says Jordyn. 
Behind the 2,440 pairs of shoes, if you take a walk down to the barn, and just behind it, is yet another surprise. 
“Here’s your wooden frame,” says Jordyn. “It’s got comb on it. And then here’s your plastic frame, which we found out that the bees don’t like the plastic frames as much.” 
Behind the bees and the shoes, and a teenagers love for soccer, her mom couldn’t ask for anything more. 
“I really don’t know where she got it, but I’m glad she did and yes, I see her doing more in the future,” says Michaele. 
Jordyn will be taking her thousands of shoes to Nashville, Tennessee this coming weekend where she will get a tour of the distribution center and she will see where her shoes will be going.
Her shoes will reach as far as Haiti, and potentially all over the world.
If shoes are not in good enough condition to be worn, they will be made into new playground rubber. 

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