$18,000 Grant Helps Students See Future Through a Lens


Learning is taking a creative turn at one local high school.

The students are learning all about shooting video, lighting and the “rule of thirds” through power points and textbooks.

A sizable grant has helped to change the learning lens for Vincennes Lincoln. 

When Rick Lang first started teaching at Vincennes Lincoln about two years ago, he used his own personal equipment to give his students the advantage of learning through hands on experience, but now, his efforts have landed him an opportunity like no other.

“The projects in the future are very exciting times,” say Mr. Lang.  

C-stands and light kits. 

“It’s a lot of fun,” says Daniel Colvin, a junior at Vincennes Lincoln. “I… just everything about it.” 

DSLR’s and stabilizing cages. 

A green wall and light disc reflectors. 

You name it, they’ve got it. 

All the tools necessary for visual creativity.

 “Going from nothing, of just using my own equipment, knowing there’s so much more I want to do with these students with this equipment,” says Mr. Lang. “And then having this grant come on board now we can do essentially whatever project we kinda want.” 

With the help of an $18,000 grant, every student now has their own editing capabilities.

They can hold a camera, not just one in a group.

They work with lighting and so much more. 

“We each get a different experience depending on like what we’re doing,” says Colvin. “So you know, one can be doing a video or like a commercial and then one can be making a short film. ” 

Offering this kind of hands on education is what will help propel these students forward in their chosen career fields. 

“Now with this grant, with all this production equipment, now I can actually not only say it, not only see it on a tv screen, but also we can actually have hands on real-world situations to actually do it,” says Mr. Lang. 

Whether it’s through the lens, behind the scenes, or in post-production, these students are learning valuable skills that most don’t see until they’re enrolled in college classes. 

Mr. Lang says this grant is helping change the lives of the students. 

One video and photo at a time. 

The film and photography class is an elective offered to students. 

Rick Lang says the grant officially came through last November, but some of the equipment was back ordered until recently. 

Now that they have all their tools, the students are ready to take on any project at the beginning of the new school year. 

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