$102,700 in Community Grants Awarded


$102,700 in grants went to local non-profits on Thursday. The Wabash Valley Community Foundation awarded the grants to eight non-profits in Vigo County.

One of the recipients is World Gospel. It received $10,000 to expand the current community garden o one acre, install a cistern/watershed system and mobile greenhouses.

Their goal is to fight hunger and help people stay healthy.

“Our main focus is nutrition on top of that. We want to be big in the fight against diabetes. We want to be big as far as teaching people how to make their own food, grow their own food,” says Brett Mishler, the Project Manager of the World Gospel Church Fellowship Garden.

Dozens of different local funds made the grants possible.

The full list of recipients are as follows:

American Red Cross $10,000 for smoke detectors and fire prevention project
Arts Illiana $6,700 to support arts festivals in Terre Haute neighborhoods
Launch Terre Haute $25,000 to expand programming and increase resource options to assist local entrepreneurs in starting businesses in Vigo County, working intently with students of local institutions of higher education to capture college talent before they graduate and leave Vigo County
reThink $10,000 to renovate and outfit a kitchen in a vacant church. The community kitchen will allow for preparing and preserving produce, while also serving as a teaching kitchen to assist people in becoming more self-sufficient as far as nutritional needs and food preparation
World Gospel $10,000 to expand the current community garden to one acre and install a cistern/watershed system
Wabash Valley Health Center $9,000 for colorectal and diabetic screening supplies and equipment
League of Terre Haute $25,000 dental program serving more than 8,600 children and clothing for 400+ school children
TH Meals on Wheels $25,000 for meal packaging and program support

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