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(Natural sound of game.)

A Pokemon game from the Nintendo 64 era now has a modern spin.

The “New Pokemon Snap” for Nintendo Switch updates the classic.

The genre is “first person rail shooter,” but you’re shooting photos, not guns. You island hop taking photos of Pokemon in their natural habitats and you’re scored on photo quality.

Gamers have waited more than two decades and four generations of home consoles for a follow up. Nintendo’s surprise announcement didn’t include a release date. Remember, patience is a virtue.

A copy of Super Mario Brothers just sold for 114-thousand-dollars. A record for a video game.

It was sealed in its packaging…with a hangtab underneath the plastic. That tells you it was one of the first variants of the 1985 game.

Still on the way-back machine…..Lego and Nintendo celebrating the 80s. It’s new Lego set recreates an 80s Nintendo entertainment system…..all from Lego bricks.

26-hundred pieces and featuring an homage to Super Mario.

You build it using original parts of the console from controllers to the retro TV, with a screen that actually scrolls.

Hitting shelves in august.

(Natural sound of stock car.)

NASCAR Heat Five” is the latest in the series, featuring 34 authentic recreations of tracks, career mode and 40-driver online multiplayer mode.

(Natural sound)

Split screen for side-by-side racing. Officials cars and drivers from the Cup series and X-Finity .Gold content features Hall of Famer Tony Stewart.

(Natural sound of Formula One cars.)

Code-Masters has unleashed “F-One 20-20.” The official game for the World Championship features two new races.

Despite real races being postponed, you can still drive in the Dutch Grand Prix and a recreation of what would have been the debut of the Vietnamese Grand Prix.

(Natural sound of Formula One cars.)

New is “Team Management Mode,” giving you the ability to be the eleventh team on the grid along side the big boys at Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

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