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Subscription spending is soaring during the pandemic with one-in-three purchasing a new online subscription.

The streaming services Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime leading the way. Food delivery services such as Instacart growing rapidly.

If you’d rather play games than watch TV, you’re out of luck if you want a Nintendo Switch.

The company is having trouble getting essential parts because of lockdowns in Malaysia and The Philippines.

Most markets are out of the Switch after the success of Animal Crossing.

If you’re not watching or playing try talking with family and friends using Facebook’s Messenger Rooms.

You build a virtual room where free video calls can be made for up to 50 people.

Join in, no time limit and you can invite those without a Facebook account.

Are you anxiously waiting for 5G. Not everyone is. Europe has seen numerous attacks on 5G towers. There have been a few attacks here.

Homeland Security advising the telecom industry on how to prevent attacks.

The conspiracy types think 5G towers spread the Coronavirus.

YouTube taking down all videos supporting the belief.

5G will deliver much faster connections.

Is a germ-busting UV light robot on your shopping list? Homeowners increasingly say yes. There’s a surge in demand for disinfecting ventilation fans, too.

Panera Bread expanding wi-fi to curbside with a geofence-enabled service. Your order safely served straight to your car.

If you opt-in for geofencing Panera Bread will know when you arrive.

YouTube TV. Includes WTWO and WAWV.

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