Tight budget? Need a smartphone? Consider the Google Pixel 4-A.

Processing power the equal of the iPhone 11 Plus, wireless charging and water resistant.

3-99, 4-99 for the recommended 5G version.

Vehicle recall? There’s an app for that.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lets you input your VIN and you’ll receive info about old and new recalls.

Its free for iOS and Android.

Apple out with it’s list of best apps and games of the year.

Home workout app “Wakeout” won best iPhone app of the year.

Zoom took the top spot as iPad app of the year.

Disney Plus won the Apple TV app of the year.

Discovery the latest to enter the streaming wars.

Discovery Plus debuts tomorrow. Ad-supported tier, 4-99. No ad tier, 6-99.

Discovery teaming with Verizon for ad-free viewing up to one-year, depending on your wireless plan.

Note. Some streaming services have had trouble negotiating with Amazon Fire and Roku, so its unclear where Discovery Plus will be available.

Disney Plus adding content, growing subscribers and will be charging you more.

More than 100 new, original shows and films coming.

Nearly 90-million subscribe now. Disney expects 230-million subscribers by 20-24.

Your cost will go form 6-99 to 7-99 a month starting in March.

Finally, the pandemic has forced us to adapt.

Parks Associates research finds nearly one-third of smart device owners increased their usage last year.

The downside, a growing number experiencing multiple problems with their devices.

16-percent of broadband homes report network problems disrupted their work-from-home.