Technology Matters-Your Data, Make Money

Technology Matters

    Each time you like, comment and share anything on Facebook — you’re creating valuable data

    So, how would you like to get paid for it?

    Blockchain-based social networks like Steemit (Steam-it) and Permission I-O (Eye-Oh) are doing that.

    Steemit has distributed more than 40-million-dollars in digital currency since 20-16.

    The company doesn’t sell user data.  Users earns tokens in exchange for content — which keeps control of personal data in the users hands.

    Permission I-O pays you to watch ads.

    It doesn’t sell your data to marketers or advertisers.  Instead — you interact with those advertisers directly.

    Both pay you in form of cryptocurrency, which you can cash out in dollars.

    When you use centralized sites like Facebook, they collect and control your personal information.

    But these tech companies operate on an opposite model.

    In a decentralized network — there’s no central authority manipulating or distributing content.

    Facebook is also eyeing the digital currency space.  Its looking at blockchain technology and how best to implement it, possibly using Messenger.

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