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Technology Matters

    Hey, Google!  Mind your own bee’s wax.  They must have heard.  Google will no longer scan emails so they can send you personalized ads.

    Now — you’ll still see targeted ads in Gmail.  They’ll be personalized with information gleaned from stuff like your web searches or You Tube.

    This takes effect later in the year.

    While you’re online, check Facebook or Twitter if you’re job hunting.  Instagram, Snapchat and Linkedin too.

    A growing number of companies are using social media to hire.

    McDonalds took out ads on Snapchat. 

    Facebook has a jobs bookmark.

    A new way to look for work.

    Did you know how you’re using your mouse may reveal if you’re lying.

    An Italian study shows honest people slid their mouse directly to an answer.  Dishonest types took a longer, indirect path to their answer.

    Time for online fun.  Four-year-old Sanela Sabovic has gone viral. She’s a showwoman.
    (Natural sound: little girl hamming it up.)

    She’s not shy, that’s for sure.  And look at those moves.

    More than 13 million views on Facebook and counting.

    More viral fun.  Irish weather presenter Deric O H’artiagain gets blown away by a wind gust during a live hit on TV 3.

    Of course, his co-anchors laughed about it.  My co-anchors would laugh if that happened to me.  It was funny.  Deric thought so and managed to compose himself and continue with his live shot.

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