Technology Matters-Trackers and Scammers

Technology Matters

Do you want to know how nosy Facebook is? Go to Facebook Information in settings and click on the Off-Facebook Activity tool.

You’ll see businesses and organizations sharing info with the site. The kind of activity they’re sharing, too.

Companies know when you’ve opened an app, bought something or searched for an item.

Again, activity you do when not on Facebook’s site or app.

Facebook isn’t sharing everything they know.

So, clear the Off-Facebook Activity history and turn Future Off-Facebook Activity.

More nosy behavior from Amazon and it’s Ring home security camera.

Hackers have been gaining access to Ring cameras. Many don’t like Amazon sharing Ring videos with police.

Amazon responding with an in-app privacy dashboard. You can manage devices and third-party services and whether police can request video.

There’s an opt-out setting for all new accounts.

Microsoft users watch out for the scam telling you have to pay for an expiring Windows license. This one following the end of tech support for Windows 7.

You’ll receive a call. The caller will suggest paying a yearly fee for a system upgrade. They may ask for remote access to your computer, putting you at risk for ID theft.

Just hang up.

Another nefarious ploy, census jobs openings on the web or social media requiring a fee for an application and training.

Dead giveaway its a scam.

Federal agencies don’t charge application fees.

The Census Bureau will not charge for training or ask you to buy equipment.

Don’t give financial information to the scammer.

So, come to your senses if you want a census job and apply to the Census Bureau website. I’ll link you.

Protect your privacy. There are simple steps you can take to secure your data.

Change passwords regularly.

Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.

Use a password manager.

There’s more and I’ll link you to a good site and some password managers, as well.

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