Technology Matters-Tidbits and 2020

Technology Matters

Instagram users, check out Threads. (iOS, Android)Its designed for “intimate conversations” with people closest to you. Mmmm! Share your status and quickly send photos and videos. Resembles Snapchat.

If you sign up for Instagram, you’ll have to provide your date of birth.

This is to keep young people safer and allow for more age-appropriate experiences.

The trade-off? This will also help ad targeting.

20-19 showed us that a stunning number of Americans relied on unreliable news platforms.

The Rand Corporation found one-third of Americans use unreliable sources…social media and their friends…for their news.

Two-thirds consider their primary news outlets…like local TV news…to be trustworthy.

Those people say local TV news is more reliable.

Those using social media and peers for news say they know its not reliable, yet they still get their news there.

Look closely at the sources of some of the stuff you see. A few days ago I saw a story that Carol Burnett had died. Will Smith has died several times. They’re both still kicking.

Here’s an app to consider for the new year. URSafe.

It automatically calls 9-1-1 and records emergencies with just the sound of your voice.

Call out your safe word and a record of the incident and your name are sent to police. Your voice triggers it. Nobody else can.

URSafe creators hope 9-1-1 centers will buy the app so calls will go to the nearest emergency dispatch center.

This app holds promise for Uber and Lyft, dating apps and the military.

And 20-20 should be the year you put together a family media plan.

Your plan should include rules for when its o-k to use electronics…and when devices should be put away.

Talk about the serious consequences of online bullying…what type of activities are not appropriate.

For the younger ones — look for educational media choices.

For the older children — consider monitoring their social media accounts.

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