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    Amazon buying smart doorbell maker Ring as it moves into the home security market.

    Ring known for it’s Internet-connected doorbells with built-in video cameras.  Lets you keep tabs on the home through your phone or connected device.

    Ring doorbells are compatible with Alexa.  And Amazon Key, the smart door lock that lets Amazon delivery people bring packages inside your home.

    Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos has a lot of money so he’s building a gigantic, ten-thousand year, solar powered clock.  Oh, it will be carved into the side of a Texas mountain.

    The 500-foot-tall clock features five room-sized anniversary chambers.  The first chamber features a mechanical model of the solar system.  The other chambers haven’t been designed yet. 

    Twitter delivering a feature devoted users have wanted for years.

    You can privately bookmark tweets to save and read later.  Tap the share icon and the option for “add tweet to bookmarks.”

    This is available on the app for iOS, Android and Twitter Lite.  The mobile site too.  No desktop yet.

    Take a hint Facebook and give us that dislike button.

    The Galaxy S9 looks pretty cool

    Enhanced cameras on the S9 and Plus models.  There’s a headphone jack too.  Slick design and the reviews on this one point to an outstanding phone.

    The S9 is a lot less than an iPhone.  Giddy up.

    Check with your carrier, there are introductory deals out there.

    Finally, Waymo the self-driving company wants you to avoid motion sickness in its vehicles.

    The future autonomous cars will use routes without stop-and-go traffic.  Reduce acceleration and back-and-forth swaying of the vehicle.

    The car will even tell which set to take to minimize motion sickness.

    Patent pending.  Waymo planning to launch public self-driving service in Arizona later this year.

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