Technology Matters-Tech Tweaks for January

Technology Matters

    The next time your computer wants to update, let it.

    Microsoft with updates to fix vulnerabilities chip-makers revealed.

    The security holes Spectre and Meltdown could allow hackers access to your files.

    The update plugs the gap, but slows your machine if you’re running anything other than Windows 10.

    Apple and Google with fixes too.

    Facebook taking heat and finally fixing the news feed.

    You’ll see more from your friends and family.  Less from businesses, brands and fewer news articles.  Thank goodness.

    Mark Zuckerberg responding to criticism that Facebook didn’t do enough to stop Russian meddling in the 20-16 election.

    A former Facebook manager says the changes don’t go far enough.

    One more change, Google Chrome’s parental control program is being phased out.

    Google says new Internet supervision features will be released later this year.

    The company is offering a replacement option.  The Google Chrome program Family Link is for Android devices.

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