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Technology Matters

    Facebook Messenger gives you the power to unsend texts, but don’t dilly-dally.

    You have ten-minutes to delete a message.

    Tap on the message in question, then select the option “Remove for Everyone.”

    The message is replaced by a text alerting recipients and senders it was removed.

    You have more options to dress up your text messages.

    50 news emjois available.

    Many focusing on inclusivity.

    New emjois showing blind and deaf people.  People with wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs.

    You can now select the race and gender for the emjois that have a couple.

    From emjois to your face.

    Amazon defending it’s facial-recognition tech.  Rekognition uses AI to ID objects, faces and scenes in photos and video.

    It can be used by law enforcement to ID criminals or spot missing people.  Civil rights groups, investors and some Amazon employees worry it could violate people’s rights.

    Amazon says no misue reports since law enforcement started using the tech in 20-16.  Amazon does support national regulations on facial recognition technology.

    Finally, score one for the humans.

    IBM’s Project Debater lost a debate with Harish Natarajan.  He was a finalist in the 20-16 World Debating Championships.     

    They debated whether preschool should or should not be subsidized.

    Each had four-minutes to speak, four-minutes to rebut and a two-minute closing argument.

    The human won, but the computer was impressive.

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