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Technology Matters

    Here’s how to spot an Uber car.

    The “beacon” is a device which can be found on an Uber vehicle’s windshield. 

    Handy feature in crowded a area and at night.

    If you haven’t checked it out, look at all the new emojis from Apple.  Hundreds of them.  This is a more diverse bunch of emojis.

    I have to mention this Apple bite, they’ve lowered battery prices to 29-dollars.  This in response to an update that slowed older phones. 

    Now for silliness.

    Sony’s Aibo robot dog is back and better than ever.

    It responds to voice commands can bark and sit.  It can even wag it’s tail.

    It connects to mobile networks, is expected to be more intelligent and costs only 17-hundred-dollars.

    One more robot.  This bad boy can do blackflips.

    Boston Dynamics video showing it jump on a block, then do the flip.

    Atlas was originally created for the U.S. military.

    (Natural sound of robot backflipping.)

    Show off.

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