Technology Matters-Tech Tidbits for March

Technology Matters

    A new clue supporting rumors the next iPhone will support wireless charging.
    Apple confirming it joined the Wireless Power Consortium.  The group is dedicated to a single wireless charging standard.  Samsung, Motorola and L-G have models that charge without a cord.
    The new iPhone expected this fall.  Its the tenth anniversary, so a massive re-design expected by fans.

    You’ve probably heard this, and I’ll remind you since not many appear interested.
    Snapchatting Sunglasses are available online.  130 bucks. 
    You film “snaps” with the touch of a button.  Video is saved on your Snapchat app and can be edited and shared later.
    Snap admits it’s not making any money from the “spectacles.”

    Back to Apple, something already popular might be the next big thing for Apple – cartoon avatars.
    It looks similar to bitmoji…the mobile stickers customized to look like you.
    Apple appears to be creating unique characters for it’s i-Message users.
    New would be a 3D avatar model with applications for gaming and eye-tracking.

    Enough of the geek on to Spotify.  In 2015 Prince took all his music off Spotify.  Now its back.  Most of his music recorded before 1995 is available.  This includes the albums 1999, Purple Rain and Dirty Mind.
    The Prince catalog is available on Apple Music too.

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