Technology Matters-Tech Tidbits August 2018

Technology Matters

    Google promising a patch any day to fix a security bug effecting its Home Smart Speaker and Chromecast Streaming Stick.

    Hackers can find out where you live.  Keep your Google updated.

    Say it ain’t so, Joe, but Apple is anticipating lower sales when three new iPhones come out this fall.

    The company told suppliers to manufacture 20 percent fewer components for the newbies.

    One year ago Apple planned on 100 million iPhones, this fall 80 million.

    One smartphone feature users are using in growing numbers is mobile banking.

    It’s not just tech-savvy millennials going mobile, older generations are banking on the go too.

    This is cutting the need for brick and mortar locations.

    Striking out with the opposite sex?  Then soon you can try the Tinder bitmoji.

    The customizable avatar is being tested in Canada and Mexico.

    SnapChat recently launched Snap Kit…allowing third-party apps to used it’s log-in and features.  One of which is Bitmoji.

    The avatar can be made to look like yourself…dressed in different outfits and with different expressions.

    Tinder hoping Bitmoji will provide users with a more personalized way to chat.

    No word on U.S. availability.

    From small to big tech with Rolls-Royce unveiling its version of a flying taxi.

    Gas turbine-powered batteries running six props with a top speed of 250.

    Rolls is seeking partners to make its vehicle available by the early 2020’s.  So, if you have some extra coin laying around.

    Something you can use right now, Uber.  And Uber wants you calling it if you’ve had a few too many.   

    It has published a patent application to identify drunk passengers.

    The algorithm weighs typos, how precisely a user clicks and walking speed.  Also time of day.  3 a.m. Saturday morning would be a red flag.

    Uber plans to use the tech to better tailor its rides– either by warning drivers or matching them with trained drivers.

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