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Technology Matters

We love our digital assistants. The number of voice assistants predicted by Juniper Research to rise from nearly 3 billion to 8 billion by 20-23.

A survey by Clutch finds nearly one-half of Americans own a digital assistant. One-third plan on buying one soon. Most voice assistant owners use their device each day.

Developers have added thousands of skills. You can buy things, order food and hail rides. Stream music and control smart-home devices.

Snapchat out with video-recording glasses, the Spectacle 3. 380 smackers.

Limited edition, so hurry up.

Android people, check your phones. The Zero-Day bug may still be hanging around. Galaxy S-7, S-8, and S-9 owners should check. Also those owning the Huawei (wow-way) P-20, Pixel 1 and Pixel 2.

The bug was fixed in December 20-17, but the fix didn’t translate to newer versions of the OS.

The four major wireless carriers teaming for Cross-Carrier Messaging Initiative…C-C-M-I.

An interoperable messaging service called Rich Communication would replace S-M-S…short message service.

Look for better quality pictures and videos, and group chats.

The goal is to ensure user chats are private.

The big four? Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. And Sprint.

Samsung still pushing foldable technology. The Galaxy Fold finally hit stores in late September after numerous woes.

Now Samsung teasing a new collapsible mobile device. The phone has a clamshell opening, it opens horizontally.

No word on when the “Sam Clam” will hit the market.

Folding phones could be a game changer for recording hands-free video clips, because it serves as a built-in stand.

Kickin’ it old school. Beam me up, Scottie.

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