Technology Matters-Space: The Final Frontier

Technology Matters

If you haven’t heard of the Parker Solar Probe, its worth checking out.

It sent back stunning images from its two orbits around the sun.

NASA says the mission has provided twice as much data as expected, including images of solar winds streaming from the sun.

The mission will help us better understand the stars, corona and solar winds, and improve forecasting of major space weather events.

Parker is now sending back images of Venus. I’ll link you.

In the near future you may vacation here, a space hotel.

This rotating wheel includes 24 modules in orbit. Rotating simulates gravity.

Organizers hope to get the hotel off the ground by 20-25, making it fully operational in 20-27. So book it.

Mars Rover Curiosity is having fun.

Its a rover selfie. Its a combination of 57 images.

Curiosity even has its own Facebook page.

NASA has a new rover ready to roll

Its scheduled to land on the red planet in February next year.

It takes 300 scientists to operate the Mars 2020 rover.

It will work in areas of Jezero Crater. It will look for signs of ancient life, like mineral deposits, perhaps microscopic fossils.

Solar probes and rovers are out of our reach, the space hotel might be in our future.

What we could see soon, a flying car.

Electronics maker NEC has this 12-foot-long puppy.

It uses GPS to fly itself to programmed destinations.

NEC hopes to have its flying car transport freight by 20-23. And people by mid-decade.

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