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Facebook is losing users. A lot of them and they’re young.

More than 11-million millennials deleted Facebook over the last two years.

Facebook hoping single users might “like” the dating app called Facebook Dating.

Late to the game, as Tinder and others have been around for a bit. Facebook Dating saying it’s different…basing matchmaking on common interests, events and groups.

Don’t worry, you won’t be matched with a friend, but you can connect with friends of friends, and strangers.

There’s also secret crush. Your crush will only be notified if they secretly have a crush on you. Sounds very middle school.

If privacy concerns keep you from trying Facebook Dating, then flirt with emjois.

Researchers at IU’s Kinsey Institute and Illinois’ Lake Forest College say this works.

53-hundred singles were asked if they use emjois. About 40 percent said no. About 30 percent use them regularly.

Researchers say those using emjois more regularly went on more dates. They also engaged in…uh….other activities more often.

I hope this is not my tax dollars at work.

If you do land a date and plan to spend it at home and ordering out, then know Doordash as a new tipping policy.

The company had been using your tips to cover the base pay of drivers. Doordash caught grief for this, so it’s increasing base pay and tips will be added on top of that.

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