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Some are concerned about Amazon employees listening to your Alexa dialogue. Well, new smart tech aims to make sure Alexa can always hear you.

A British company is using artificial intelligence to cancel background noise. “Audiointelligence” describes the software as “auto-focus for sound.”

The company says a typical smart speaker recognizes about 84 percent of audio…just 22 percent when its noisy.

The new software promises to hear 94 percent in any conditions, including noisy coffee shops and households.

From smart speaker to…smart diapers.

Pampers out with the ‘Lumi‘ line. The company says the smart diaper will track when your child pees and identify pee patterns. I’m not making this stuff up.

There’s an activity sensor on the front of baby’s diaper. The sensor sends info to a mobile app. The diaper will also track sleeping patterns.

You get a baby monitor and a 10-day supply of diapers.

After you’ve attended to baby, jump in your smart bed.

HD projector, 70-inch screen, built-in sound and speakers.

Want more? Dimmable lighting, blackout curtains and built-in wi-fi.

Wake up with a smart clock providing weather and traffic info.

Order now and get it next year. The cost? Just 13-thousand-dollars.

Far cheaper is a sleep box. Mark Zuckerberg built it for his wife. It gently wakes you so you can attend to the children.

You can buy a Zucklight. We all know the guy needs the money.

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