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Technology Matters

    Crossing the street while texting could become illegal.  In New York state.  Breathing easier now

    The senate considering a bill, it failed last year.  Checking email and browsing would also be banned.  You could be fined 25-to-50-dollars.

    Pedestrian deaths are their highest in decades, but a leading senator says this bill is overreach.

    Tokyo police with an interesting app.  Its designed to scare off molesters. 

    A victim presses a “Repel Groper” icon producing a message reading “there is a groper here, please help.”

    Press again, the message turns red and a voice repeatedly says, “please stop!”

    All the hubbub over Alexa listening to you too much can be put to bed.

    Starting today — you can order Alexa to delete everything you said today.

    In a few weeks you can delete what you just said to get rid of indivdual recordings.

    Easier than going into Settings.

    The new commands come as there is increasing privacy concerns over Alexa-enabled gadgets.

    Amazon does want you to express yourself.

    One patented application shows a woman saying ‘Alexa I’m hungry’ while coughing.  The device her hears the woman is sick and offers a soup recipe and suggests buying cough drops.

    This is a project, no hint if it will see the light of day.

    While Amazon tells you how to handle a cold, Pokemon wants you to stay in bed.  Yes, the same Pokemon that wanted gamers off the couch, now saying sleep tight.

    There’s a new app coming out next year to “turn sleeping into entertainment.”

    Pokemon Sleep is scant on details, but it may include an external device to monitor your sleep.

    The company says the game’s aim is to make players “look forward to waking up every morning,” yeah right.  And it will develop good sleep habits.

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