“Sleep Better” tracks your sleep duration, cycles and efficiency with the simple tap of a button.  Doing so helps develop a better understanding of your light sleep, deep sleep and even time spent tossing and turning.  The app’s smart alarm feature helps you wake up at the ideal time.  The app is free for iOS and Android.

    “Sleep Time” doubles as a sleep analysis app and alarm clock.  Its free and available for Android and Apple devices, and it integrates with the Apple Health app.  It analyzes sleep cycles, creating graphs based on the information.  The app even features soundscapes and white noise to help you fall asleep easier.

    “Pillow” uses advanced science and math to track sleep patterns.  After using Pillow for a while, you can see trends over time and make adjustments.  This free app is for Apple devices only and integrates with Apple’s Health app.  Also the Apple Watch to see how your sleep is affected by variables like weight, heart rate and blood pressure. It also factors in what your drink and stress.

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