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Technology Matters

    It’s the face of the future.
    A lot of people joke that robots will take their jobs one day.  These Sanbots are already working in airports, even doctor’s offices.  
    For six grand…this robot can give patients medical information and explain things.
    Robots also help with home security, able to alert you when someone breaks in.

    Home security is becoming popular and you don’t have to break the bank anymore.  If you can’t afford a robot you can sync camera, thermostats and locks…all on your smartphone.  It will cost you just a few hundred dollars.

     Its even becoming easier to have an entire smart home.  You can sync washer and dryer, fridge and home security through Wi-Fi.

    There are voice-controlled family smart robots running around now.  This is “U-U” from Tanscorp.  He likes to dance to Michael Jackon’s “Billie Jean.”
    U-U can also hear, speak and move.  He can touch and express emotions.
    It’s even smart enough to recognize different faces and gestures.

    If you still have doubts, the bots can take over doing the chores.  L-G has a collection of new robots — some designed to clean the floors.  Another that acts like a personal assistant.
    The L-G hub robot smart speaker is similar to Amazon’s Echo and Google’s home devices.  It controls Internet-connected products like lights and plays music on command.  
    There’s a bot to mow your lawn.  It looks like existing auto-vacs, but trims grass rather sucking up dust bunnies.

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