Technology Matters-Robot Mania

Technology Matters

    Robots large and small are ready to move into your home.

    Elli Q may be the first fully proactive social robot, designed to keep the elderly company and connected to their families. 

    Smart Tupperware and bag clips track the freshness of your food…texting you before it goes bad.

    Whirlpool taking it to the next level, scanning groceries in your fridge…and suggesting recipes.

    Then on to a smart oven that heats automatically with instructions on how to make dinner.

    A Petronics robotic mouse can play with your cat.  150-dollars.

    Or nix the real pet and drop two-thousand for the Sony Aibo robot dog.

    If you hate folding laundry…a robot can do that for you.

    The Laundroid can be yours for the bargain price of 16-thousand-dollars.

    There’s even a cuddle bot.

    “You will feel it breathe.”

    No I won’t.

    More robots, this one making music.

    This bot plays the keyboard and beats the drum while its maker plays violin.

    (Robot playing instruments.)

    This music school grad also has an engineering degree.  He created the bot in school and it always accompanies him during rehearsal.

    Sofi is an 18-inch long robot fish with a fisheye lens.  I see what they did there.

    It’s made from soft silicone rubber, flexible plastic and 3D-printed pieces.

    It’s very quiet and mimics a real fish.

    It’s camera records fish behavior up close.

    MIT brains want to make Sofi smarter — so it can swim without human controllers.

    From the cool to the, well, this.

    This is Charles the smiling robot.  He’s on the right.

    Cambridge University in London came up with this one.

    Charles expressions are generated by a system of computers, cameras and motors.

    First, a human’s facial expressions are recorded, mouth, eyebrows and jaw.  That info is sent to Charles brain which is full of servo motors. 

    Not quite Westworld-quality.  More like Arnold in Terminator 2.

    I don’t know.  Is Charles incredible, or just incredibly creepy?

    He seems like a nice guy.

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