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    The latest Samsung phone bursting into flames is old news now.
    Now an iPhone has exploded in a New Jersey students back pocket.  It appears the phone just ignited.  There have been cases of iPhones catching fire while plugged in and charging.
    Apple is looking into this incident.
    Makes you think about where you carry your phone.

    Aetna health insurer is working on several health apps for IOS devices.  Big deal you say?  Hey, they’ll help foot the bill for you to buy an Apple Watch.
    Employers using Aetna will decide if they want to offer the program.  The cost would be subsidized with the balance paid through monthly payroll deductions.

    While Aetna wants you healthier, Nissan says chill out and use our self-driving chair.
    The Pro-Pilot chair could end waiting in line.  A fleet of these equipped with sensors allow each chair to detect and follow the one in front.
    No mass production plans yet.  It depends on public reaction.  We could pair the chair with Walmart’s robot shopping carts.

    Some swipe left or right on “Tinder”, now try “Tender“, with an “e.”
    It’s the Tinder for food.  Photos and recipes from around the globe.  Swipe right to save a recipe.  Left to skip it.
    Download “No Wait” for your dining out experience.  The app waits in line for you.  You’ll receive a text when your table is ready.  Cool.
More than four-thousand restaurants are already using the app.
    When the food arrives take the perfect picture with “Foodie.”  The app has 26 filters to customize your food pics.
    Share to Facebook, Instagram, any social media site.
    All these apps are free.

Foodie for IOSFoodie for Android.

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