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Lets start with some bummer news for iPhone fans.

Security gaps allowed cyberspies to plant malware on iPhones when users visited a group of malicious websites.

Over a two-year period, text messages, contacts and locations were exposed.

iPhones are usually immune, but hits on these websites was enough.

Google alerted Apple and a patch was issued earlier this year.

From rotten Apple news to fixing your iPhone.

Apple letting more businesses repair its phones.

The new program provides genuine Apple parts, tools and training.

This is targeted at independent businesses. Best Buy already in the repair game.

Privacy. Its always a worry, now add Apple to the list of companies apologizing.

Apple workers were listening to users talking to Siri.

Designed to improve the quality of Siri, but it was discovered workers were eavesdropping on private conversations.

Now, you opt in if you want your recordings reviewed. Apple will no longer keep audio recordings. I guess Apple is saying “we’re Siri.” Sorry

Okay, I know what you’ve been waiting for…the new iPhones. Will it be the 11?

Next Tuesday Apple is expected to unveil its latest models.

Scuttle says three new iPhones this time, including two pro models to replace the X-S and X-S Max.

The pro models are expected to feature new and improved video recording and camera features.

Non-phone news, we may learn final details and pricing for Apple’s streaming TV service, Apple-Plus.

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