Technology Matters-Online Addiction

Technology Matters

    O-M-G!  I spent how much time on social media last week?!

    You can answer that question now that Facebook and Instgram track it for you.

    The feature breaks down time spent on each app on a daily and weekly basis.

    You can temporarily mute push notifications and set a cut-off time for the day.

    How much time did I spend?  I’m exempt.  I have two Technology Matters to do each week, so I’m living online.

    Now I give you something that may have you spending more time online.

    Serious gamers know about Twitch.

    Its a live streaming platform to let you watch other people playing videogames.

    Gaming and esports have taken off, Twitch has cornered the online streaming market.

    In case you missed it there are 179 new emoji candidates.

    The 20-19 list is big on diversity…and for those with disabilities.

    Possible newbies…couples holding hands…55 skin tones and gender combinations.

    The approved emojis will be released early next year.

    Finally, Toyota putting 500-million-dollars into Uber.

    The deal involves Toyota working with Uber on autonomous vehicles.

    Uber hasn’t had much luck with its own self-driving tech.

    Don’t expect to see real-world testing until 20-21.

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