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Technology Matters

    “Glow Baby” logs and times all aspects of baby care, from bottle feeding and breast-feeding, to diaper changes.  It tracks sleep schedules, development milestones and medications.  It even has a growth chart.
    Create a print out to take to the doctor’s office, if needed.  The app provides daily articles and smart advice for a baby’s first year.  Glow Baby is free for iOS and Android, with premium features available for purchase

    “Feed Baby” focuses on tracking everything from feed types, times and frequencies to diaper changes and sleeping times.  It uses, big, easy-to-use buttons so tired parents don’t have to worry about tracking data when half asleep.  It organizes all of the information into detailed reports and charts.  It’s free for iOS and Android, with premium features available for purchase.

    The “Kinedu” app is designed for those up to 24 months old, providing fun and age-based daily activities.  These are designed to boost cognitive, linguistic and physical development.  Social and emotional growth too.  The app suggests more than one-thousand activities, along with plenty of other tips and personalized programs.  The app is free for iOS and Android, with a wide range of premium services available for purchase.

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