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    If you think Siri and Alexa are scary smart, the latest advancement may send you running for the hills.

    Google Assistant now understands and speaks two languages at the same time.

    Big news for bilingual families.

    Check music and weather in two languages without changing settings.

    Google the first with this.  It could help them lure people from Alexa and Siri.

    More than one-half the world is multi-lingual.

    Facebook Watch is now worldwide.  You can view content from anywhere in the world.

    Facebook Watch is free, supported by ads.

    Check it out.  One study say one-half of Facebook users don’t know Facebook Watch exists.

    Mark your calendars for September 12th.  That’s when Apple holds its next event.

    Its expected most Apple products will receive upgrades.

    Three new iPhone’s are expected. 

    One may have a larger screen.  Expect gesture controls and facial recognition.   

    Maybe new colors, too.

    Vespa is going electric. 

    The Vespa Elettrica retains the classic shape, adding blue highlights.  62 mile range and four-hour charging time.  Available in the U.S. next year.

    School is in session, if you’re away from home and unaware, check out the latest Instagram and Tinder features.

    Both apps started on college campuses and they’ve added targeted features.

    Instagram with direct messaging between students at the same school.

    Tinder-U lets users limit searches to classmates or people from nearby colleges.

    These two have millions of users, combining them would give students an added sense of community, nice if you’re away from home for the first time.

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