Technology Matters-New Stuff, Broken Stuff

Technology Matters

    Microsoft’s first gaming console without a disc is now on store shelves.

    Look for the X-Box One S All Digital edition.

    250-smackers, about 50 less than the X-Box One with disc drive.

    You get “Minecraft,” “Forza Horizon 3,” and “Sea of Thieves.”

    You can download more through the new console and access services like Netflix.

    Enjoy digital fans.

    Also new, the Google Nest Hub Max.  The Nest Hub is also new.

    The Max has a camera that doubles as a Nest Security system.

    The camera use face detection to deliver custom content.

    The camera can turn the Max screen into a video chatting device via Google’s Duo app.

    229 and 129 with a Mother’s Day special of 99 on the Hub.

    The new stuff keeps on coming. 


    Google out with a less expensive version of its Pixel smartphone.

    The Pixel Three-A costs 399-dollars, half as much as the originals.

    More carrier options too, including Sprint, T-Mobile and U-S Cellular.

    One phone maker not happy, Samsung.  Its still working on a fix for the Galaxy Fold smartphone.

    Samsung canceling all orders if it can’t find a fix by May 31st.  So, you won’t be charged until it ships.

    Broken hinges and cracked screens put the kibosh on the release. 

    Some cool news from Samsung.  The Sero is a 43-inch tv that pivots between vertical and horizontal configs.

    Why vertical?  Millennials, so they can enlarge their smartphone content on a vertical screen. 

    Sero may also serve as a digital photo frame and music streaming hub.  Voice assistant Bixby is also on board.

    On sale in South Korea by the end of the month.  16-hundred-dollars.

    No word on arrival in the U.S.

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