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Samsung hoping you’ll fall in love with it’s new folding phone, the Z Flip.

Samsung tried a folding phone last year. It was dogged with screen defects and a delayed launch.

The company redesigned it’s new offering to be more like a high tech flip phone.

The Z Flip features a new kind of bendable glass and improved screen durability. Let’s hope so.

Flip it open to reveal one large screen.

The Z Flip is available now and sells for about 14-hundred-dollars. If that seems steep, its hundreds less than last year’s folding phone.

Samsung is hoping to generate buzz in the growing foldables market.

Earlier, Motorola released a similar-looking Razr phone. Its available now exclusively for Verizon wireless.

The 15-hundred-dollar phone has 128 Gig of storage.

Motorola warning customers to be very gentle with the phones. Seems while the screen is made to bend, bumps and lumps, Motorola’s words, are normal with plastic folding phones. Technology still in its infancy the company says.

For 15-hundred smackers that baby better grow up quick.

If the price and delicacy of foldable phones makes you nervous, stick with proven tech.

Samsung is out with it’s new flagship S-20 series.

All equipped with a major camera makeover capable of taking “pro-grade” photos and video. 8-K video on this one.

Samsung promising better specs, a bigger battery and 5-G capability built-in across the board. A smart move with 5-G wireless expected to go nationwide this year.

The Galaxy S-20 available in three variants from one-thousand to nearly 14-hundred-dollars.

Order now, or wait until they hit store shelves March 6th.

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