Technology Matters-New, Old and Shake It Up

Technology Matters

    The Echo Show 5 is a smaller version of the Echo Show.  The cheapest Echo with a screen.  Five-point-five-inches.  90-bucks.

    Fits on night stand or desk.  Camera shutter covers the lens and there’s new Alexa privacy features.

    Easier to order now, tap and select the product.  Order the Show 5 now and it will ship in June.

    The first new iPod in four years runs twice as fast as before.

    The Touch supports group Face-time calls and Augmented Reality, as well as the upcoming game subscription service “Apple Arcade.”

    199 on the low end.

    Order on the Apple Store and apple-dot-com, though its hitting your store shelves right about now.

    Samsung promising a release date soon for the now appears to be working Galaxy Fold.  If you already ordered it, you won’t have to pay until the thing works.

    Best Buy is not holding its breath, it canceled orders for the Fold.

    While Samsung struggles, Apple wins a patent for a foldable screen that could be used on iPhones and other devices.

    The patent describes an electronic device with a display and cover that are flexible or bendable.

    Don’t get too excited iPhone fans — companies often patent ideas that never see the light of day.  An idea doesn’t have to be feasible to get a patent.

    Facebook is all shook up with a new idea for reporting bugs.

    “Shake to Report” will soon be available as a default setting for iOS and Android.

    Shake your phone to report a bug.

    This should be available in a week or so.

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