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Technology Matters

    Indianapolis one of four cities tapped for Verizon’s wireless 5G Internet service.

    The move puts Verizon in direction competition with cable.

    No TV channels with this.

    Verizon says its service will be less expensive to build and operate than traditional cable.

    No word on expanding the service and pricing.

    Kroger making news again, testing online ordering with pick up at Walgreens.

    Kroger experimenting at 13 Northern Kentucky Walgreens.

    The test program lets shoppers order Kroger brand products.  

    No word on expansion yet.

    Apple with new emjois.  There’s a swan…a bagel….and a frisbee.

    70 new emjois for the iPhone and iPad later this month.

    Google Maps with new features to make your commute more pleasant.

    You can control Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play music while cruising.

    A new commute tab gives you one-tap access to live traffic updates and provides alternate routes to dodge delays.

    Also, info on traffic, bus and train departures, along with walk-times.

    All for Android and iOS users.

    I’m ending on a downer note, a new report says 259 people died taking selfies from 20-11 to 20-17.

    The leading cause, drowning.  Then being by moving objects, falling and attacks while posing with wild animals.

    The U.S. leads in accidental shootings while taking a selfie.

    Women take more selfies, but men take riskier selfies.

    Let’s be careful out there.

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