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Technology Matters

    Encouraging news, Stanford researchers pairing Google Glasses with a smartphone app to improve social skills for children with autism.

    As the child interacts…the app identifies and names their emotions through the Google Glass speaker or screen.

    After a few months regular use…parents reported their children were making more eye contact and relating better to others.

    This technology could fill a major gap in autism care.  A shortage of therapists means some children wait up to 18-months before beginning treatment.

    Facebook is expanding its fact checking to include photos and videos.

    Until now, human fact-checkers focused on text articles.

    A machine learning model will flag photos and videos for potential inaccuracies.  A human will verify

    Spotify upping the number of songs you can download for off-line listening.

    The old limit, three-thousand-three-hundred-thirty-three songs on up to three devices.  Now, ten-thousand per device and up to five devices.

    Wowsers!  That’s 50-thousand different songs.

    New phones are increasing storage, so good timing Spotify.

    If you use Apple’s Safari or Mozilla’s Firefox, they’ve both boosted safeguards for your data.

    The goal is stop companies from turning cookie data files into broader trackers.

    Trackers can note what your read, watch and research on other sites.

    Apple says some popular websites are embedded with more than 70 trackers.

    Safari making these protections automatic in upcoming updates for iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.

    Firefox automatic only on Apple’s mobile devices, not Android or pc’s.  So turn it on or use a private browsing mode.

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