Technology Matters-More Than Phones

Technology Matters

Apple’s new seventh generation iPad has a larger screen. Prices on the four versions range from 329 to 799.

The Series Five Smart-Watch has a display that’s always on. 32 gig of storage, up from 16 gig. You’ll have a compass, international emergency calling and a faster processor.

Both nice, both new, but its Apple’s streaming service that has fans hyper.

Apple TV Plus will offer original shows and movies, available in more than 100 countries. The price, a low 4-99 each month.

It launches November first. New Apple gadget buyers get a one-year free subscription.

The service will work on Samsung smart TVs and should be available soon on Roku and Amazon Fire devices.

I’ll link you so you can check out the programming and other compatible devices.

There’s also a sign of the company shifting focus with a new gaming subscription called Apple Arcade. 4-99 a month. Look for big players to bring top games to Arcade.

What? You need more information to help you decide if you want to drop serious coin on the new phone? All right, one last time.

The Eleven has two cameras. If two’s not enough, the Eleven Pro and Pro Max have three cameras. Four if you include the selfie cam.

Apple hoping the new iPhones will change the media industry with the ability to shoot three-to-four different ways at once. Pretty cool. I’ve seen photos from the base Eleven and they are top notch. Get ready to spend 700, one-thousand or eleven-hundred, depending on the version.

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