Technology Matters-Leave the Driving to Us

Technology Matters

Do you use Lyft a lot? Consider a subscription.

Lyft Pink costs 20-dollars a month and gets you 15 percent off all rides.

Lyft Pink members will not pay lost and found fees if they leave something in a car.

You can sign up on the Lyft Pink waiting list now. It should go active soon.

If you want a Lyft bike or scooter? You’ll be waiting. Both available in just a handful of cities, none close to us.

If Uber is your choice, they may soon start listening in on your ride.

This was tested last month in Latin America.

Recording audio during rides could provide better security. The move follows several high-profile assault scandals and growing safety concerns.

Uber may test this in the U.S. soon. Expect blowback. Several states don’t permit recordings due to privacy concerns.

Uber is offering to take your pet along for a ride..

Uber Pets let you take any household pet for a surcharge of three-to-five-dollars. However, your driver can opt-out.

If you have a service animal you will not be charged.

More ways to save gas, let Uber Eats and Door Dash do the work for you.

Growing numbers like the convenience and restaurants are adapting and their numbers growing.

Many national chains are onboard, McDonald’s, Starbucks and more.

A growing number of local joints can be found on both. Places like Fifi’s Lunch Box and Sonka.

There’s a downside. Extra delivery sales lowers profit margins.

Restaurants push back on fees which can be as high as 30 percent per order.

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