Technology Matters-Is It Essential?

Technology Matters

    The founder of Android is out with a new smartphone.  It’s called the “Essential.”

    It’s different than it’s rivals because it has a pair of magnetic connectors located on the side.

    Those connectors create a dock so you can snap on and off various accessories, such as a 360-degree camera.

    The Essential has a titanium body, most phones are made from less durable aluminum.

    You can order the Essential now for 699-dollars.  It supports all U-S carriers.

    You can have extra cash if your child bought something in app form Amazon’s app store without your permission.

    The FTC says parents can seek a refund for an unauthorized child purchase.

    Last year, a court found Amazon responsible for stuff purchased by kids without mom and dad’s consent.  The court said Amazon didn’t provide enough disclosures or ask parents to approve kid purchases.

    Those small adults purchased 70-million-dollars of stuff from 20-11 to 20-16.

    Apple and Google had made refunds a few years for the same reason.

    Facebook ramping up security.

    Click on your security settings and you’ll find customized recommendations.

    More security.

    Home automation company Nest out soon with a new security camera that recognizes faces.

    The Nest-Cam I-Q’s zoom feature activates when a person walks by…..following them to capture a clear shot.

    The indoor camera sends an alert to a phone with a picture of the person’s face.

    The 300-dollar camera will start shipping at the end of the month…..but face detection is only available with a paid monthly video storage subscription”.

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