Technology Matters-Grocery Shopping

Technology Matters

    Amazon has unveiled a new brick and mortar store where it sells “grocery essentials” and ready-to eat meals.
    The store is in Seattle, Amazon’s HQ.  Only Amazon employees can shop there now.
    Shoppers check in at the entrance using the Amazon app.  They grab what they want and exit when they’re done.  Amazon tracks purchases using computer vision and advanced sensor technology.
    The public can start shopping at Amazon Go stores early next year.

    Instagram users, you’ll soon be able to hush-up the “haters” in your feeds.  You’ll be able to turn off comments on individual Instagram posts.  The comment disable option can be used before or after posting an image.
    Instagram wants the online community to be a “welcoming and safe place for everyone.”  Sorry trolls.

    Google is going more green.  Its going to buy enough renewable energy to power all of it’s operations next year.  That’s 13 data centers and offices in 150 cities.
    Google wants to run on clean-carbon energy full-time every day.
    Right now it’s using renewable solar and wind energy.

    Finally, can the President-elect save Twitter?  
    Twitter saw a record 75-million election-related tweets by 3 a-m on election night.  
    The company has never turned a profit and the stock is down 20 percent this year.
    Think back.  FDR had radio, JFK TV and Reagan the tele-prompter.  Social media is fast becoming king and many call Trump the “Commander-in-Tweet.”  
    Trump tweets, a lot.  A whole lot.
    One analysts suggests Twitter hire ten people dedicated to publicizing every single thing Trump utters.  Another says Twitter should use TV to let people know what’s going on.
    I guess if Twitter doesn’t start turning a profit soon, stockholders will look at the CEO and say: “you’re fired.”

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