Technology Matters-Grilling Apps 2019

Technology Matters

    The Weber Grill app is a great choice whether or not you own a Weber brand grill, with dozens of meals straight off the grill.

    You can add items from the recipe cards to your shopping list.

    The grill guide provides general information on how hot the grill should be and how long you should cook specific items.

    The free app is currently available only for iOS users.

    The app called Grilltime will make you look like an expert without effort.

    Select the food you are cooking on the grill then get the suggestions for how hot the grill should be.  You’ll know when to the flip the goods and you’ll receive internal temperature suggestions.

    You add a timer for as many items as you wish and set them whenever you are ready.  The app is 1-99 for iOS.

    Seasoned veterans of grilling, barbecuing and smoking will want to consider the Pit Pal app.

    With it, you can set up a dashboard with the name of your cookout and the type of cooker you’re using.  Add the food you’re cooking, the temperature you want to reach, and more.

    The app is free for iOS and Android.

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